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iHound Android GPS Tracking


To get started tracking your Android device you simply need to download this app to the device you want to track - create yourself an account at - log into the app with the username and password you've created - customise your settings and you're done. So why not download it now and get started.Years of development has finally led to the release of the new iHound GPS product iHound Mobiletech. You can now in just a few simple steps, GPS Track any Android device that has a GPS Antenna and connection to the internet.
If you supply your staff with mobile phones or tablets than this is the product for you.
The days of needing to install expensive tracking devices in vehicles are gone. Why track the vehicle when you can track the person at a fraction of the cost!
No hardware to installNo expensive contractsNo technicians neededSimple to useEasy self installation and activation
The iHound tracking app is installed in minutes and will supply unfathomable benefits to your workflow and productivity.
We are very proud to announce that this is the first "Smart GPS App" of its kind. The reason being is that an enormous amount of research was undertaken to establish how to best integrate a GPS Tracking feature into a mobile device.
The outcome was the development and integration of a unique set of exclusive iHound features:
* Motion wake - to save both battery power and data usage the app can be set to motion wake. In this state the device will only report its location if it moves more then a set distance, as set by the user, from its current location.
* Privacy Mode - In the work environment most people would not be comfortable with their locations being reported when outside of work hours. To solve this issue we have incorporated a "Privacy Mode" which allows you to set the days and hours that the app is active. The app will not record any data outside of these times.
* Loss of signal - Travelling to areas where mobile data coverage is poor? No need to worry, the iHound app will still record all the relevant GPS data and upload it to the system once it either receives a mobile data signal or connects to a wifi network. It will then automatically delete the local data file to save memory space on the device.
* Power off alert - If the device has an unscheduled power off (inside tracking hours) the device will send the administrator an alert advising the location and status.
* Hidden app - The iHound app is hidden from the user during everyday use an is only available to the Administrator / owner via a special code to change settings / remove / update details etc.
* Position accuracy and Frequency - We have given you the power to decrease or increase the GPS accuracy of the device and the frequency of it's location reports to increase battery life and decrease data usage.
* Auto updates - The app will always receive all the latest updates free and automatically
* Geofencing - Build your own set of geofences, such as clients buildings, your offices etc and be alerted when you staff access or leave them
Efficiently and cost effectively manage and monitor your staff globally via your own devices. Receive reports of client visits and time spend on site, distance travelled, working hours and productivity. Create automated reports based on your needs and easily customise the system to best suit your business.
A limited service is free to use for one device so try it out for yourself and decide if you would like to upgrade to multiple devices and a pro account by calling the iHound sales team.